Sunday, February 8, 2015

Another year around the sun for me, as I'm writing on my birthday...
Celebrated by getting my first tattoo - an image you all know and love...
Just like our pal the Groundhog, it's usually the end of February when I finally come out of my hibernation and start to book some shows.. I've got a great one coming up on Thursday, February 26th at the Black Shire Pub here in London with my pals Dave Quanbury and Sarah Burton.  A rare solo set from me - check it out!
And I'll be doing a special show as a guest with The Thames River Valley Boys coming up March 15th at the Delaware Legion, and I'm back at Musical Chairs!  at the St. Regis Tavern on March 28th.

Summer is fast approaching and I'm working on bookings for Eastern Ontario, out to the East Coast and then back across Northern Ontario before my tour of Home Routes house concerts in October 2015.  Me and Dan will be hitting the road in August - let me know if you'd like us to make a stop in your town!
Plans are also coming together for recording in the spring!

See you at the Black Shire on the 26th!

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