Thursday, September 20, 2012

Autumn is breezing in here in Windsor, and October is starting to ease in... fall days...
Plans for the next while include a soujourn to Algonquin Park, and a couple days of hanging out in Toronto.  Next show coming up is a cool one - bring your guns to town for a show featuring UNCLE DAN & THE NEPHEWS and myself at the FM LOUNGE (The Fish Market) on Saturday, October 20th for a night of saloon songs, cowboy melodies and ruckus rockabilly...!

Copies of "Viper At The Virgin's Feet" are starting to dwindle... but a couple new stores are now stocking their shelves with my most recent record - Ah Some Records and Shop Eco now have copies available.

Things are cookin' with Brown Paper Publicity - working with Montreal's The Jimmyriggers, with Whoa Nellie! and Manitoba Hal - lots of great music coming your way!

And my Christmas Card Fundraiser is off to an excellent start!!!  Order early, as orders are piling up... make a lovely handcrafted way to greet the season.  You can order from my Kapipal Page at

Here's a couple photos of my designs!
Cheers to Autumn!

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