Sunday, May 22, 2011

Airwaves and Highways; June in Souwesto

27 Foot Toonie in Campbellford
Howdy Folks.. writing from my Garage Sale front desk here in Paquette Corners this long weekend… made about $20.00 for my tour fund so far, relaxing after a whirlwind of shows that took me across the entirety of the 401 from Windsor to Montreal… big thanks to tour pals Will Gillespie, “Uncle” Dan Henshall, Nancy Dutra and Willow Rutherford and all our special guests for some amazing adventures including a free-style breakout of West Side Story songs, champagne at 5am, two hot tubs, foot massages, a giant Toonie, some amazing Churchkey Brewery beer, and lots of wonderful friends old and new..!

Seven weeks to go before I head up north enroute to Winnipeg for the Live From The Rock Festival in Red Rock and the Trout Forest Music Festival way up in Ear Falls..!  Still trying to come up with a catchy name for my tour up north with “Uncle” Dan; “Magical Moose-tery Tour” and “Aurora-bori-Allison” have both been rejected.. if you think of anything please let me know..

Spending the rest of May and June working on booking more shows in Northern Ontario – still looking for concerts in KENORA, FORT FRANCES, DRYDEN and points around Winnipeg for the August 20th-21st.. hoping to fill those holes in my calendar soon.. 
I’ve also started doing some fundraising with a KAPIPAL account raising some money for gas, and in the hopes of making some cool tour T-Shirts to help us fill the Jeep Cherokee tank along our way.  Every little bit helps out:

I’m also back on the airwaves, this time here in Windsor/Detroit on CJAM 99.1fm filling in for Chris Crossroads on “Deliverance”; the show that delivers you from evil with the power of good music, Wednesdays from 1:00pm to 2:30… stream it live or download the show archive at

May and June keeps me in Southern Ontario; this Friday, May 27th I’ll be part of a lineup of songwriters at the Last Friday Coffeehouse in Leamington at the Cup2Mug Lounge, and Saturday, May 28th I’m back for a solo concert at Taloola in Windsor…

Friday, June 10th I join up with some all-star country players for a dance at the Merlin Community Hall – stay tuned for details…!

 Mystery Location
June 17th and 18th I’m reunited with longtime friend and collaborator, London chanteuse LEAH MORISE for two coffeehouse concerts!  Friday, June 17th brings us to a mystery location, and Saturday, June 18th we share the stage at Taloola in Windsor..!
Anna Atkinson CD Release June 24th
Friday, June 24th, Erin Gignac and I are both special guests celebrating the release of ANNA ATKINSON'S debut recording "Mooniture" at Mackenzie Hall in Windsor..! 

See you in Souwesto for the next couple weeks – looking ahead to touring and festival season!


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