Limited Edition Art Posters
Hand printed art posters were created for the concerts at The Bank and Kordazone Theatres by Jodi Green from Levigator Press.  A combination of screen-printing, lino-cut and letterpress, these unique posters are available for sale for $15.00.  A very limited number of posters were created and I still have some left that you can order from me directly.  Add $5.00 for shipping and pay with paypal at, or with a cheque or email transfer.

Allison Brown hand-screened T-Shirts and Tank Tops are available through the spring and summer.
$15.00 without shipping, $20.00 with shipping and I can create custom orders... 
Pay with Paypal at, or send along a cheque or email transfer..!
Ladies Tank Tops
Closeup of Logo

Here's some famous people wearing Allison's T-Shirts..!

Lonesome Lefty (limited edition Navy Blue)

Nikki and Eric (Montreal Fan Club)
Graeme & Jen (Hamilton Fan Club)
Shawna Caspi
Shelley - Brandon Folk Festival
Shannon Brown - Wheatley
Sunday Wilde - Atikokan Ontario

Leah Morise